How To Get Rid Of Face Fat – What You Need To Know

Does your face look like it’s been stung by a bee? Does it look like your cheeks are always bloated? Do you cringe when you look in the mirror and ask yourself the question why does my face look so fat?

Well you’re not alone, literally thousands of people ask the same question. Here are 2 simple ways on how to get rid of face fat in no time.

1.   Stay Hydrated

While excess water in your face can leave you looking puffy, it’s actually a product of too little water, not too much. Those facial tissues store water so you don’t run out when you’re dehydrated.

That’s why getting plenty of water every day is an important step when it comes to how to get rid of face fat.

2.    Sweat It Out

 Treadmills and exercise bikes have long been the go-to for those of us trying to shed unwanted pounds. That’s because cardio is an effective way to burn calories.

But you can make your workout even more efficient by making a simple adjustment to your routine. By utilizing high-intensity interval training (or HIIT), your body will not only burn fat while you’re pounding the pavement, it’ll supercharge your metabolism so that it keeps melting fat all day long – well after you’ve stopped running.

The key here is quick bursts of cardio at nearly your peak intensity. So run or bike almost as fast as you can for 30 to 60 seconds. Then follow that with 30 to 90 seconds at a slow, easy pace while you recover.

The length of your intervals will depend on your current fitness levels, but you’ll want to do 3 to 6 rounds for max effectiveness.

Applying these 2 simple ways will also help burn belly fat and assist you in losing weight. But most importantly it will start you on the road to ensuring your face starts to look slimmer.


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