The Best Way To Lose Weight Period!

Let’s face it the best way to get rid of fat cheeks and a double chin is to simply lose fat from your body as a whole.

If its face fat, or belly fat that keeps you up at night or whenever you look at yourself in the mirror. If its disappointment that you see, there is one person that first must decide and holds the key to your success, YOU! Your desire alone to change will have a significant impact on your life but always first and foremost starts with you!

In achieving weight loss to a certain area of your body I can’t stress enough the importance of losing overall body fat. You know as well as me that losing overall weight will have a positive effect on those areas you are trying to target.

There are essential necessities that the body will always respond to appropriately and that is found in the food you take in and the type of exercise you give the body. This alone has always been the center of all weight loss period!

Regardless of all the other things you have heard whether it be supplements that have been suggested for you to take, there is absolutely no magic diet pill that will cure all your problems. It will never substitute a controlled diet and regular exercise. If it was all that simple then everyone would have the body of their dreams right?

So where do I start?

    1. Decide why you want to lose weight – this alone will be the driving force of your motivation and purpose, the stronger this is the more power this will have to keep propelling you forward.
    2. Decide you will start today not tomorrow, we all know tomorrow never comes.
    3. Decide how much weight you want to lose
    4. Set a timeframe when you are going to accomplish this
    5. Seek help and assistance from experts whether it’s a dietitian or a fitness expert, sources are available on the internet
    6. Organise a plan that is appropriate for you and achievable
    7. To Start is the biggest step forward in the right direction
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